RoseRoyce Rique Added as 2019 Finalist for Coast 2 Coast LIVE World Championship

Coast 2 Coast LIVE is proud to welcome RoseRoyce Rique as a finalist for the 2019 Coast 2 Coast LIVE World Championship! RoseRoyce Rique will perform on 11/10/19 for our panel of judges including  Serge Durand (VP of A&R at Capitol Music Group)Steve Lobel (Legendary Manager of Scott Storch), and Success (VP of A&R – Atlantic Records) for a grand prize of $50,000!

RoseRoyce Rique was the 1st place winner at the Coast 2 Coast LIVE Atlanta 10/8/16 showcase beating out dozens of other artists. Watch a video of RoseRoyce Rique performance at

Clyde Al’ Tarqiue Turner – known too many as RoseRoyce Rique is 31 years old and a force to be reckoned with. Dripping in talented and armed with a raw desire to just speak and influence, one of North Carolina’s most talented up and coming rap artist. He has a strong confidence about himself, and a warm personality that humanizes him attracting all females attention when he enters a room. He is well on his way to the path of success. With banger’s like “Fully Loaded”, and ballads over beats with lyrics that resemble spoken word. His songs are stories of childhood, relationships, street life and redemption. Rique hails from Asheville NC, known for it’s art, luxury and poverty stricken areas. A true rags and riches kind of town. A money making city on both sides of the tracks with prominent poverty peeking through the Biltmore Facade. His lyrics portray the hustle and grind for those less fortunate of an affluent lifestyle. He was made there running with cousins, gang influenced and attending school there while being raised by a single Mother. Having grown up with his two brothers and a circle of trusted individuals, which led to the development of his first attempt at formulating a rap style and group. Family has always been a stable foundation and he ran thick with other members, who also aspired to get in the music industry. He grew up surrounded with and loving music. He laced his lyrics around childhood experiences and incidents that occurred while running the streets of Buncombe County. Relocating to Charlotte NC, in High School he honed his rap skills by visiting the cities hottest spots that hosted artist showcases and performing at clubs, while battling local artist and creating a persona for his self. He begin to regularly hit the studios. After investing so much into his rap career, Rique decided to chase after music with a new fire. Not only is it his dream, but his ability to recollect life experiences over evoking beats is sure to be refreshing, in an industry that lacks not only creativity but just genuine heart. When asked, his reply was that he is not in any particular genre of rap, and has yet to dedicate his self to a particular style. But his ICON in this game was Tupac and he would love to work with Dr.Dre. Lyrically he doesn’t compare his self to any artist but if asked his answer would be he is favorable to both Andre 3,000 and Wale. Rique has also taken a great liking to artist like Childish Gambino, Chance The Rapper and Kendrick Lamar. With his new mixtape release titled “No Feature For Me”, we look forward to hearing more from this next generation upcoming artist.
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